Lee Hyunmee (2013)
Special catalogue for Native Mumbling Series.
13×17” size, special binding, hand made covers,
44 page full-color catalogue with 17 painting images,
edited and printed by Misulsegye in Korea
Native Mumbling: Hyunmee Lee (2011)
Prepared for Native Mumbling: Ma Ba Sa exhibit at Cheryl Hazan
Contemporary Art, NY, NY
20 page full-color catalogue
Native Mumbling: Hyunmee Lee (2010)
Prepared for Native Mumbling: Ga Na Da Ra exhibit at Phillips Gallery,
SLC, Utah
34 page full-color catalogue,
Foreordained GestureHyunmee lee  (2008)
Prepared for Meditative Gesture exhibit at Bill Lowe Gallery, Atlanta,
Fifty-two page full-color catalogue, perfect binding
Essay by Dr. Bruce Adams (Art Historian/ Art Critic in Sydney). The essay
“Meditative Gesture: The Contemplative Allure of Hyunmee.
Hyunmee Lee’s Touch  (2008)
Prepared for Touch: Meditation Joins Gesture at Phillips
Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah

Eight page full-color brochure, staple binding
Contact: Phillips Gallery (801 364 8284)
more Hyunmee Lee’s Touch: Meditaion Joins Gesture by Courtney Davis.
Foreordained Gesture Hyunmee Lee:Foreordained Gesture (August 2007)
Prepared for Foreordained Gesture exhibit at
Nuart Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Twelve-page full-color brochure, staple binding
exhibit: Intimacy without Restraint
Hyunme Lee Intimacy without Restraint (2006)
Prepared for Intimacy without Restraint exhibit at Utah museum of
Fine Arts, SLC, Utah
Twenty-four page full-color brochure 

moreIntimacy without Restraint by Jim Edwards (Curator at the Salt
Lake Art Center, Salt Lake City, Utah).

moreIntimacy on a large scale: “Hyunmee Lee’s abstract expressionist
works are showcased in 2 galleries,” by Dave Gagon Deseret
Morning News (April 02 2006)

morePainting without Restraint: “Hyunmee Lee reveals herself through
deceptively simple art,” by Brandon Griggs, The Salt Lake Tribune
(March 11 2006)

When Gesture Finds Its PowerWhen Gesture Finds Its Power (2004)
Published to commemorate twenty years of Lee’s artwork.
Forty page full-color brochure 

The Creation PaintingsChunji-changjo (heaven and earth): The “Creation” Paintings of YoA (Hyunmee Lee) (2005)
Prepared for When Gesture Finds Its Power exhibit
at Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Logan, UT.
moreEssay by Frank McEntire, (Curator and artist,
SLC, Utah) Eight page full-color foldout
Mountain ArmaturesMountain Armatures (2002)
Prepared for Mountain Armatures exhibit at Woodbury Gallery, Orem,
Essay by Bruce Adams (Art Historian/ Art Critic in Sydney)
Twelve page full-color brochure, staple binding.
Seeing Through the Self: Painting by Lee Hyunmee (1997)
Prepared for Seeing Through the Self exhibit at Moin Gallery, Seoul,
Essay by Seo, Seong-Rok (Art Critic, Seoul Korea) Twenty-two page
full-color brochure  

Lee Hyunmee (1995)
Prepared for Lee Hyunmee’s Objecthood-Intrinsic Space: Unconsciousness and Gesture, An Autobiographical
Interpretation exhibit at Ihn Gallery, Seoul, Korea. Essay by Kim, Bok Young (Art Critic/ Professor, Hong-Ik
University, Seoul)
Twenty-four page full-color brochure